Decorative Corner Brackets

10 Ways to Use Decorative Corners to Add Pizzazz To Your Decorating

I have always liked adding decoration to stuff. From scrapbooking to home decoration, I enjoy dressing things up. So when my husband showed me what he was cutting on his laser cutter, we challenged each other to find creative things to do with them.


He had made a great many lasercut wood decorative corners We first them as shelf brackets, but as we thought about it we realized that they can add a lovely, understated elegance to projects of all  types. Here are 10 we thought of:


10. Book shelf

Ok this is a saying what we started with, but they do work pretty well this way.


9. Bookends

Once your books are on the shelf, you will need too keep them standing up. How about a simple bookend?

8.Desk ornament 

Want to make a simple desk more decorative? Add a couple of corner brackets:







7. Sitting at a desk? You will need a chair, and it might as well be pretty too.



6. With all that sitting at a desk, on shelf may not be enough, lets go crazy

with all the ways we can make a shelf.







5. Lots of reading needs lots of light, maybe sit by a nice square window?






4. Maybe you are more of a round window person?





3. All this reading has me peckish, maybe go through the nice arched doorway to the kitchen?

















2. Now through the Square doorway to the dining room.

















1. Snack complete, time for a nice brisk walk, out of my lovely front door.


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