• Hasan Edain

My first upholstery experience

When I first started cutting things with a laser cutter, everything I made was wood. At some point I realized that people used other stuff in every day objects. So I decided to try to make an upholstered chair.

I kept the wood design simple, since I was going to learn how to do something new.

cutting the fabric for the cushions

All the parts I will need for the chair

Ok, since the upholstery is the part I am least sure about, I will do that first.

fabric, wood, and some batting to make it look a little stuffed

Then I will start to fold and glue

Trying to keep from using too much glue

I still get more overlap than I intended... maybe I should have measured more carefully>

Just a little too much corner, something I will have to learn to fix in the future

Ok, now I need some wood.

Ready to work with the wood.

The dish has olive oil in it. I will use the q-tips to apply it as a sealer.

Oil adds some nice color

Ok, ready to glue now.

pan attached to back and legs.

Now for the front legs

Ready for cushions

Ok finishing touches

With some other furniture

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