• Hasan Edain

Merry Go Round

A customer recently asked for a Merry Go Round, and I didn't have anything like that in my existing designs, so I thought: "That sounds like a fun challenge".

Here is what came out.

all the parts for a merry go round.
Lots of pieces

A key turned out to be that I happened to have some miniature marbles lying around. These were perfect for ball bearings. Of course I want my merry go round to spin.

Setting up the base;

A very small length of ⅛ dowel will act as the shaft around which the merry go round will rotate. A small disk will make a stable platform.

Attach the Bearing

The bearing needs to be large enough to hold 8 of our balls,

Now the second part of the bearing.

Testing here to make sure it spins, and is stable while it does. Pretty smooth for my first try.

Now to add some height.

Checking the spin again to make sure it is still smooth and stable even when it is taller.

Now to assemble the visible part.

Not glued in this picture, but still looking like it would be fun to play on.

Now to make it all work.

And it still spins!

Some more glue and paint, and it will be ready to play on.

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