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Drafting table revisited

The first version of the drafting table had two of the arch supports, which was kind of a pain to assemble, so I went back and redesigned it, here is the updated assembly walkthrough.

The parts look pretty similar

Almost all the parts are the same, but two of them (the small oval and the skinny one with the most holes are subtly different too adjust for interference issues.

I thought this was the first glue

It turns out that placing the ovals with this set... not so simple, so I adjusted.

The ovals fit perfectly at the top of this piece, easy to get right

So I moved the ovals to the short piece, I should have done the same with the inner leg pieces (the ones with the flair at the bottom), but it wasn't really that much different.

All parts to assemble the legs

Now I am ready to assemble.

The toothpicks helped me make sure the arcs can move once assembled

Ok, I can see the legs coming together, now I need to get the cross braces in

These take some patience to glue

Too much glue in / around the hole and it is a mess. Too little, and it won't hold

Ready to add feet

.The feet are simple, but a good opportunity to use a square too ensure they are parallel.

The top is next

I should have marked the underside here to figure out where the table goes on the stand... but I was in too much of a hurry, so I eyeballed it.

Ok, but nobody can write at that angle

So I need to cut some pins.

Toothpick and exacto knife

Pretty easy cut (should have measured it)

Pretty small piece of wood

Ok, lets see if I can get an angle.

Yep, looks like it worked

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