• Hasan Edain

Assembling a miniature drafting table

A friend asked me if I could make her a miniature drafting table with my laser cutter.

Of course with a challenge like that, I just HAD to try. Here is what my first revision looks like.

1) Parts

This will form the outside and center of the stand.

2) Assembled parts

2/3 of the stand uprights assembled

3) Add the insides of the stand, as well as the table support

Parts to finish the stand

Stands assembled

4) Now to connect the stands together

Starting to look like ... something?

5) Let it stand on its own two feet.

And it even balances!

6) We need more braces

Kind of an awkward assembly, but it works

7 And now for the final piece.

And there it is, ready to paint

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