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Sprite2D is NPC Unlimited's Java framework for writing Sprite-based games (turn-based, card, and arcade games).

Audience: Java coders who are interested in creating robust games for cross platform targets.

Why: NPC Unlimited is a small company specializing in small games. We looked at potential frameworks / tools, and found that none were flexible enough to make all the games we wanted to create. And perhaps more importantly they were good at STARTING projects, but not as helpful when it came to completing them. Sprite2D is precisely the opposite; it may be a bit of work to get started, but completing the game is more straightforward. This is accomplished largely by requiring you to think about the design of the project prior to starting the code.
There are a set of GUI tools which help you create games:

The “A” (Apply save all) allows you to save your changes.
The “W” (Window builder) allows you to define templates for sprites.
The “K” (Keymap) allows you to define what methods are associated with a keystroke.
The “P” (Previous session) key allows you to playback a previously recorded session. This is useful for debugging.



* Sprite management
* Rendering (Java2d or OpenGL)
* Sprite widgets (buttons, text, etc...)
* Visual editor for layout of game widgets
* Collision detection

* Written in Java, so any platform that is able to run Java, with a display.
* 50 MB free disk space
* Java development environment
* Eclipse: free open source java IDE
* NetBeans: free open source java IDE
* XCode: XCODE free IDE from Apple. (poor java IDE)
* intelliJ: commercial java IDE. (excellent choice if you can afford it)