Lady Away

Be a hero to a lady... Lady Bug that is..

$1.99 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) Also available in a Free version.

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Be a hero to a lady... Lady Bug that is.
You only have a couple minutes at most to save the pretty lady bugs from the hungry spiders.

Get your finger out, and start pushing. See how many you can save before it is all over.

You too can have your name enshrined on the lady bugs wall of thanks.

New for Version 2.2:
  • iPad support.
  • Free version.
  • Visual enhancements.
  • Level end improved.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Improved High Score.

New for Version 2.0:

A completely new game (Thanks to Nick Sardo):
  • New art (Thanks to Jeff Hoy)
  • Spiders that will web up the lady bugs.
  • Lose if too many lady bugs get webbed
  • New Win Screen (can you get there?)
  • New Lose screen (bet you get here if you try Hard)
  • Sparkle effect when pushing a lady bug
  • Squish the nasty spiders!
  • Improved game balance, with three levels of difficulty
  • Better instructions
  • Lady bugs more responsive to pushes
  • Better graphics on high score
  • Much nicer about screen (Thanks to Andrew Bush)


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