Chased Help

Chased is a simple strategy game.

You can move one square in any direction.
Once you move all Enemies on the screen will move towards you one square.

If two Enemies collide, they kill each other, and create a pile.
If an Enemy walks into a pile it dies.

You are able to move on to a pile, but this will kill you.

You have three powerful tools to help you:

A Pogo Stick: This moves you to an unoccupied square on the board, and counts as a move. You will not be able to Jump twice in a row, so make sure you have your ice cream handy.

Ice Cream Cone: This kills all Enemies within one square of you. A very effective tool, but you have a limited supply, and there is a score penalty: the more you use it, the lower your score goes.

Gold Enemies: Where do Ice Cream Cones come from? Dead golden enemies of course, where else? These can be a bit tricky to get, but on the hard game they are really indispensable.

Walls can be your friend. If all the Enemies are next to a wall, then there are less squares adjacent to them, this can be useful in a teleport.
Piles are good. Not only because two Enemies just died, but because you can lure more Enemies into them. Get creative, but be careful you can die on a pile too.

The game saves when you quit, but you have to start a new game of the same type (easy if you were playing an easy game) to resume.
The game saves when you exit to a menu, it should say “Resume”, or some such, but I didn’t have space.