Kill all Enemies, don’t die..

$1.99 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) also available in a Free version.

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We removed Daleks from the App Store at the request of the BBC, so here is Chased, we hope you enjoy.

Classic computer game, the Enemies are bent on destroying all humans starting with you. Luckily they are really stupid, and will clobber each other given half a chance. The good news it that you can save yourself with your trusty Pogo Stick and the help of Ice Cream Cones. The Pogo stick provides safe (sort of) transportation, and the ice cream cones give the energy needed to go a bit crazy.

We have updated the game slightly by allowing you to win by clearing a certain number of levels. Three levels of difficulty provide as much challenge as you want. Chased is also available in a
Free version.


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