Bouncy Ball Help


Touch the lock, and the swipe arrow appears. Swipe across the swipe arrow, and the tabs will appear. Tap anywhere else in the screen and the tabs go away.

Using the four tabs:

Main Screen

Bounce the ball
  • Flick (move your finger rapidly across the screen)
  • Tilt (tilt the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch)
  • Shake (move the phone rapidly from side to side, or up and down)
  • Pinch (move two fingers together, or apart)


  • Choose the ball color or ball type
  • Choose background color or image
  • Make sure and look at all of the backgrounds, some have items that the ball will bounce off of.


  • Maximum Impulse (from sedate to out-of-control)
  • Gravity (zero-gravity to Jupiter-like)
  • Ball Size (from pin head to most of the screen)
  • Friction (How much the ball slows down as it bounces.)
  • Rotation Inertia (how much the ball spins)
  • Sound on or off
  • The reset button will put the settings back to their original state.


  • Link to NPC website
  • Feedback button (will send your current settings)
  • Mailing List button(product news, no more than once a month)
  • Other applications that NPC wrote or likes.


What am I supposed to do?

Just bounce and enjoy, this is a toy. Have fun there is no right or wrong here.

“I just installed Bouncy Ball, and there is no ball.”

This is a bug in version 1.4 of Bouncy Ball. There is a simple fix.
  • Just go to the ball chooser (in the Color tab) and choose a ball.
  • Then go back to the main Bouncy Ball screen (the first tab, with the ball icon).
  • You should now have a ball that bounces normally. Look for a fix in version 1.5