Bouncy Ball

Sometimes you just have to bounce.

$.99 (iPhone, iPod Touch)

Also available in a Lite Version for free!

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Have all the fun of your childhood bouncy ball right on your iPhone or iTouch,  without worrying about your lamps, windows, or antique plate collection!!  You can also turn off the sounds in Bouncy Ball, helping both you AND your child enjoy the experience!

This ball doesn't require a time commitment or strategy, the ability to score points or the desire to play with it for hours on end.  It's a fun way to take some time for yourself while your kids are entertained or spend a few minutes while waiting for the train. 

Kids especially enjoy shrinking the ball from the size of a grain of sand to a ball that can barely move from side to side 

Choose different balls and backgrounds. Play with an atom on the soccer field or a bowling ball on the tennis court.  

Play with gravity, friction and how bouncy the ball is!

New version! 3.0 Completely rewritten from the ground up.
  • New physics engine
  • The balls spin.
  • Bounces are bouncier.
  • Ball graphics are completely redone.
  • Lock added to keep you bouncing.

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New version! 1.4 Now with new balls (Soccer Ball, Basketball, and Beach ball), and backgrounds (Wood Floor, Soccer Field, Sand).

New version! 1.3 Now with the ability to set ball and background color.

New version! 1.2 now with settings for changing the physics, and you can email current settings.

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