We love creating software.

We love programming, brainstorming, arguing, and collaborating over pizza. This company is a way for all of us to live what we love. We hope you enjoy our musings and help us continue making software.

Hasan Edain:

Programming since 1983 with a background in physics and philosophy, and a BA in Psychology. Juggles when things get too hectic. His day job is a Medical Imaging Programmer. Lives in Seattle, WA.

Andrew Bush:

His web site. Left school at 17, labored as painter, builder, tree pruner, carpet layer, saw miller until 1999, studied math by correspondence, never completed degree, 2 kids, self-taught programmer since 1999. Lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Nick Sardo:

Studying Computer Science at Cascadia College. He is moving from testing to coding, he is currently working on a new version of an iPhone application in the hopes of increasing sales.

Karen Anderson:

Her web site. Karen writes, solves problems, and connects people, online and off. Previously on the design team for Seattle's buses and a writer/editor on Apple teams including the iTunes Music Store; she currently works on SEO, social media, and technology communications projects. Lives in Seattle, WA

Teague Tysseling:

Born and raised in the small California town of Ukiah, Teague was bitten by the cartoonist bug early, he was creating and binding comics since the fourth grade, and passing his first "self-publishig" creations around at recess. Years later he took to creating comic strips in the science-fiction/comedy genres online to moderate world-renown. Visit his Website.

Jeffrey Goetsch:

Computer programmer (BS Computer Science) and a Licensed Massage Therapist. He is learning to busk (juggle on the street for tips). He is working on a massively multiplayer Slow Play game. Lives in Seattle, WA.

Charlie Baker:

Check out his website. Has been an artist since he can remember. Currently an art student at the Art Institute of Seattle, He LOVES games of all sorts, and his dogs. Lives in Seattle, WA.

Samuel Rodger:

Graduate of AD&D 2nd Ed. After his beloved cleric was destroyed by a pack of halflings he found interest in audio. Now freelances his services as Shogun Sound, a small audio post-production studio located in Fremont(Seattle). Interests include noise, kung fu, and his 11th level Anti-Paladin.

Megan Glover:

Check out her web site. Graduate of WSU in CS. She is a self-proclaimed geek who enjoys games (computer and in person), reading and cats round out her interests.

Scott Grigg:

Seattle based Artist. His quote: "I aim to present clean, visually clarifying graphic design and illustration". Check out his web site and portfolio.