PhotoPhone examines your address book for contacts that have images.
Each contact with an image becomes a button. Each button will dial the person with that picture.

In the bottom right hand corner of the screen is the "Over" button. It will flip the screen over, and make the buttons shake, indicating they are in edit mode.

Call someone

Tap their image, and the phone will dial.

Call someone's secondary number

Double tap the button, and a list of numbers will appear. Tap the one you want and the phone will dial.

Reorder my people

Tap the 'Over' button and you can then drag the buttons to change their positions.

Swap a person

Tap the 'Over' button and tap once on any button to change the person for that button.
If a selected person has no picture, their name will be displayed instead.

Remove a person

Tap the 'Over' button and double tap the contact to remove that contact from the PhotoPhone list.